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The Modern School Sector 85, Greater Faridabad believes that sports is an excellent opportunity for students to acquire essential life skills such as teamwork and cooperation. The organisation views exercise as a significant contributor to both physical and mental health. We provide students with several opportunities to compete in tournaments against other schools as well as district, state, and national events. To facilitate the training and develop an interest in sports, the Modern School Faridabad has excellent indoor and outdoor sports amenities. Children receive formal training in a variety of sports from qualified trainers and coaches. The school provides the following sports activities to entice its students to lead a healthy lifestyle.



The school features a basketball court to help the students improve their skills in the game. Basketball often teaches students about the level of fitness required for life. It also assists players in developing other social skills such as teamwork, persistence, and intelligence, which are required in the real world.

Skating Track

The school has built a banked skating track as it wants to provide its kids with access to the finest facilities. Children learn the fascinating sport of skating under the guidance of a knowledgeable instructor.



Modern School Faridabad has a Cricket field that meets international standards. The school's campus is home to a cricket field with a respectable-sized boundary and a very well-kept cricket pitch. The school aims to continue the legacy of producing cricket players in the country by training its students.


The football pitch of Modern School Faridabad is unrivalled. Professional football games are planned to provide students with world-class learning opportunities.



Modern School Faridabad boasts outstanding amenities, including an outdoor volleyball court. The volleyball program at the school aims to inspire kids and provide them with the most genuine experience of playing the game.

Lawn Tennis

There's a well-equipped grass tennis court at the Modern school Faridabad ideal for Lawn Tennis. It is a contemporary sport that is also a great source of fitness. The institution offers qualified coaches to assist children in learning the sport. The lawn tennis court is outfitted with leading conveniences and has all the required features.



Modern School Faridabad features a fully functional indoor fitness centre with skilled teachers. Taekwondo helps kids develop self-control so they can do better in school and have better mental health.


Chess is a game that encourages young people in learning, reason, make choices and progress in life. As a result, instructors at Modern School Faridabad offer chess instruction regularly.


Table tennis

The indoor sports facility offers the children plenty of possibilities to develop their table tennis skills. The state-of-the-art facilities and the latest sporting gear are available at the institution. The tables and other furnishings are of a high calibre, enabling students to become experts.


Carrom is an indoor activity that is popular among students of all ages. Carrom competitions are held on a variety of intra- and inter-school levels. Students at the Modern school Faridabad receive training for these competitions.



Badminton is the most popular racquet sport in the country that appeals to all ages and skill levels. The sports complex of Modern School Faridabad has well-maintained badminton courts with excellent flooring. Qualified professionals apply modern coaching techniques to assist students in reaching their full potential.

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